At the time of writing this article and the first post, the world is facing the largest and most significant pandemic many of us have ever experienced. However, all disasters, no matter how large, eventually come to an end. Around the globe, businesses are quickly coming to terms with the fact that “business as usual” is no longer an option during a crisis, which has led many companies to find new ways of doing things – and this is especially true in the travel industry.

In and after times of crisis, understanding and responding to consumers’ changing behaviors will be essential to the recovery of the hospitality sector. Organizations will need to reimagine the customer experience and re-engage with customers to build and maintain their trust. At the same time, they will need to improve their operational agility and financial resilience to navigate the uncertainties of doing business in a world wracked by pandemic. The brand response and the message a company – including yours! – sends to the world, have a significant impact on the ability to maintain stable loyalty and affinity among customers and guests. By innovating across a broad spectrum and addressing current challenges, many affected companies have made it clear over the past six months that the hospitality industry is not standing still.  

We, too, have used the past year creatively and strategically to reposition ourselves and our brand. Part of this change is the relaunch of our website and our brand new company page on LinkedIn , which we are celebrating today.  

The COVID-19 pandemic will eventually fade. The economy will recover, and the hospitality sector—from hotels and resorts, airlines and cruise lines to operators and agencies—will regain its footing and look forward with confidence to a successful, thriving future. Now is the time for companies to act, adapt to the new normal, position themselves for nimbleness, and thrive in the years ahead.